Squatters at Gordon Ramsay’s ‘served papers’ to depart

Squatters at Gordon Ramsay’s ‘served papers’ to depart

Squatters who occupied a pub owned by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay have now vacated the building – after being ‘served papers’ by the police.

It emerged over the weekend that squatter group ‘Camden Art Café’ took over the hotel and gastropub near Regent’s Park, boarding up the windows and sleeping on a sofa in the bar.

The café was allegedly set up to feed the homeless, however at least some of the group appeared to have been driven out, after the police were informed of their activities.

They posted on social media: “We are sad to announce Camden art collective have left the building after being served papers yesterday.

“We wish those left in the building the best of luck in their endeavours. We hope to be a part of the community again soon, watch this space!!”

They claimed to occupy the restaurant as protest for the “victims of gentrification” and the mainly cancelled high-speed railway, H2S.

The squatters went by the pseudonym “Gordon” in an attempt to protect their identities.