Real estate inspired by Fallout TV series open for inspection in Sydney

Real estate inspired by Fallout TV series open for inspection in Sydney

With the new Fallout TV series airing this week, gamers are invited to check out a Fallout-inspired piece of real estate in the heart of Sydney.

Nestled beneath the CBD, this futuristic property introduces a pioneering approach to urban living by delving underground.

Designed to overcome the constraints of urban sprawl and vertical construction, Vault 33 taps into the rich reservoir of prime underground real estate beneath Sydney.

Vault 33 can be found at Martin Place in Sydney's CBD. (Amazon Prime)

Leveraging existing abandoned tunnels and underground structures in the city's geologically stable foundations, the property is constructed using reinforced sandstone and solid metal sheeting.

Inspired by the eponymous vault featured in the Fallout series, the design and concept of Vault 33 draw from the rich lore of this renowned video game franchise, now in its 26th year.

Fallout places gamers in a post-apocalyptic world, left in ruins after a nuclear war in 2077. Humanity retreated to "Vaults" to survive, where some stayed for 200 years before emerging.

To check out Vault 33 in person, register on Eventbrite. (Amazon Prime)Vault 33 feaures multiple Fallout-inspired rooms, including a classroom for Vault Dwelers. (Amazon Prime)

This real-life recreation is impressive stuff! 

Unfortunately, Vault 33 is a fictional property, conceived as an homage to the Amazon Original Series Fallout, and is not available for purchase or rent.

However, its innovative approach to housing may inspire real-world solutions to address the challenges of urban living in the future.

The property is open for inspection today.