Norway leads the way on electric car adoption

Norway leads the way on electric car adoption

Over 20% of vehicles in Norway are electric, making the country by far the greatest adopter in Europe, a study by electronic registration portal has found.

There are 3.02 million registered vehicles in the country, of which 607,500 are electric-powered.

Other Scandinavian countries come second and third, in Denmark (4.02%) and Sweden (3.97%)

The United Kingdom is 10th at 1.93%, as 620,600 vehicles are electric, out of 32.17 million.

Luka Stojčević, a spokesperson for, said: “While electric cars are more common and affordable than ever, they still are an expensive purchase at a minimum for a lot of Europe.

“Even some of Europe’s highest income countries, as seen in this list, still see electric vehicles as a rarity compared to other fuel types.

“However, as technology improves and overall production becomes cheaper, we can expect this list to shuffle around as more countries buy into the market.”

The Netherlands takes fourth place on the list, with 3.7% of all vehicles in the nation being electric. Of all 8.92 million registered electric vehicles in the country, 330,000 are electric.

Rounding out the top five is one of Europe’s smallest countries, Luxembourg. 13,909, or 3.13% of all the 444,818 registered vehicles in the country are electric.