Calls for transparency after Future Homes Standard consultation closes

Calls for transparency after Future Homes Standard consultation closes

Energy provider Rendesco has urged the government to stick to its timetable when it comes to outlawing gas boilers – saying housebuilders need an end to this uncertainty.

The Future Homes Standard consultation has now closed, which proposed a ban on gas boilers on all new builds, and called for developers to install heat networks or heat pumps in all new housing developments.

Alastair Murray, chief executive of Rendesco, said: “With the consultation now closing, it is imperative that the government works quickly to process all responses in order to refine their proposals ahead of the 2025 implementation of the Future Homes Standard.

“Any deviation from the current timetable would create further uncertainty for housebuilders, who have just endured a difficult year in 2023, and would further exacerbate the challenges first-time buyers face to get on the housing ladder.

“Many developers have already pre-empted the changes and have begun to put sustainable living, including clean heat solutions, at the forefront of their projects. However, they should not be penalised by government delay and uncertainty.

“We are also hopeful that the government will take on board our recommendations that the new regulations should prominently recognise other low carbon heat solutions such as ground source heat pumps and ambient heat networks – as opposed to the predominant focus on air source heat pumps which are not the most efficient or cost-effective option for developers and homeowners.”